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Planned Service

MVP Preventive Maintenance Planned ServiceWhen was the last time your heating and cooling system was inspected, cleaned and adjusted to operate at peak efficiency?

If you can't quite remember you're not alone. But take if from an expert, when you ignore your heating and cooling system you can end up paying higher utility bills. You risk frustrating breakdowns and repairs. Your system could very well need complete replacement long before it should.

That's why our Member Value Plus Preventive Maintenance plan makes so much sense. As your local cooling and heating experts, we offer a program of maintenance calls based on a written agreement between AIRTEAM, and you. Our trained professionals will inspect, clean, adjust, and lubricate your HVAC equipment to keep it running at peak efficiency.

We think you'll agree, planned service is the smart choice. A single breakdown caused by poor maintenance can cost more than a year of preventive maintenance! Be sure to call today to schedule a service date - (713) 956-TEAM (8326).


Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Peace-of-mind is important when it comes to your home comfort, and our MVP Preventative Maintenance plan delivers that and more!

Expert Technicians at Your Service

Our technicians maintain your equipment and its performance. We know when and what components need lubrication and cleaning, and can identify components that may be in need of replacement.

Lower Utility Costs

Study results indicate that routine maintenance can save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills.

Maintains Energy Efficiency

Routine maintenance ensures the highest energy efficiency and enhances the life expectancy of the equipment.

Environmental Responsibility

As an MVP customer, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that your effort to conserve energy is having a positive impact on the environment.

Reduction of Major Repair Expenses

Minor repairs and adjustments can prevent major repairs and catastrophic failures that could require premature equipment replacements.

Protects Equipment Warranties

We maintain accurate records of service and repair for better equipment management and warranty protection. Most major brands require annual maintenance performed by a licensed contractor in order to maintain manufacturer’s warranty.

5% Replacement Discounts

5% discount on replacement of condensing units, evaporator coils, and furnaces.
*NOTE: Cannot be combined with other offers

10% Discount on Parts, Material and Labor

MVP customers receive a 10% discount on all parts, material and labor needed during the contract year, with no overtime charges.
*NOTE: Cannot be combined with other offers

Price Protection

Your MVP agreement price cannot be raised during the effective dates of your agreement. Preventive Maintenance can be purchased for up to three years in advance with guaranteed price protection.

Priority Scheduling

Should you need emergency service, MVP customers receive priority scheduling.

NOTE: Your Preventive Maintenance agreement is NOT an insurance policy. The agreement provides for inspections and maintenance along with discounts on parts and services as described herein. We reserve the right to cancel or modify this program without notice.

Electrical Maintenance Checklist

  1. Calibrate & level thermostat, as needed (mechanical only)
  2. Clean filters as needed
  3. Visually inspect duct work for energy loss
  4. Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
  5. Inspect safety devices for proper operation
  6. Inspect bearing for wear & lubricate as needed
  7. Tighten all electrical connections, as needed
  8. Measure temperature difference - supply / return
  9. Evaluate status of attic insulation

Cooling Maintenance Checklist

  1. Monitor volt's / amps on fan motor
  2. Inspect indoor coil, if accessible
  3. Flush / treat condensate drain with anti-algae
  4. Monitor operating pressures of refrigerant
  5. Inspect disconnect box for proper rating & installation
  6. Test / inspect contactors for burned pitted contacts
  7. Test & inspect capacitors
  8. Inspect fan blade
  9. Clean condenser coil / remove debris
  10. Inspect service valves for proper operation
  11. Monitor Compressor for proper amperage, volt draw and wiring connections

Heating Maintenance Checklist

  1. Clean burner assembly
  2. Check / adjust gas pressure to burners
  3. Check for proper flue gas venting
  4. Clean heat exchanger area
  5. Clean burners, as needed
  6. Inspect for combustion leaks
  7. Inspect for belt wear and alignment, if applicable
  8. Check temperature rise during heat cycle / heat pump cycle


Savings in operating cost of up to $32.00 per month can be obtained through proper maintenance and cleaning of your air-conditioning systems.

Good Value

1 Year Preventive Maintenance

Tune-ups per system: 2

Better Value

2 Year Preventive Maintenance

Tune-ups per system: 4

Best Value

3 Year Preventive Maintenance

Tune-ups per system: 6


$159 for 1 system

$80 each additional


$270 for 1 system

$150 each additional



$48 for one system

$10 each additional


$381 for 1 system

$210 each additional



$96 for one system

$30 each additional

1 System

Yearly Preventive Maintenance

2 Systems

Yearly Preventive Maintenance

3 Systems

Yearly Preventive Maintenance
$159 per year $239 per year $319 per year

For additional systems, please inquire for pricing.


Heat Pumps

$190.00* (first system)
$95.00* (each additional system in same dwelling)

*Price is subject to change without notice. Please call our Comfort Adviser to verify most up to date pricing.