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New Customer Referrals

New Customer Referral - AirTeam Fan Club Customer referrals have always been an important part of maintaining and growing our business. As a way of showing our appreciation, we’d like to give something in return for your confidence and ongoing loyalty.

$25 OFF Any Cooling Service or Repair

Upon completion of each service call or installation, we give our customers a small stack of New Customer Gift Cards. If the card is used by a new customer for service or maintenance of an exisisting system, the new customer will receive $25 OFF their first invoice. The referring customer will also receive a $25 Visa gift card. Please contact us to mail the gift card.

Up to $250 OFF a Complete System, Installed*

If the referral card is used by a new customer for a complete system installation, the new customer will receive up to $250 OFF their purchase. The referring customer will also receive a $250 Visa gift card. Please contact us to mail the gift card.

*Restrictions may apply. Contact us for details. Customer and Referrals must reside withing AIRTEAM's service area.

Make a Referral on Our Web Site

If you don't happen to have a Gift Card on hand, don't worry. Current customers can make their referral on our web site and receive the same $25/$250 benefits.

It's our way of saying: "Thank You for Your Business".


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